METALIKA Metal Cluster

The Cluster was established in March 2011 and is located in the north-western region of Poland. The aim of its initiative is the dynamic development by means of expanding the range of the internal cooperation as well as the cooperation with the external companies (domestic and foreign).
The METALIKA Cluster brings together the companies representing metal industry and the companies operating in metal-related sectors located in the Zachodniopomorskie, Wielkopolskie, and Pomorskie Voivodeships [West Pomeranian, Greater Poland, and Pomeranian Voivodeships]. The companies operating within the Cluster reach sales of PLN 320 million and employ about 2300 workers.
The vast majority of the companies brought together by the Cluster are the enterprises that have been present on the market for many years. These are both the branch leaders on a national scale as well as important regional players. Almost all of the companies have experience in cooperating with foreign partners, especially those from German and Scandinavian markets. The export of the companies operating within the Cluster reaches up to about 50 per cent. All of the companies find the reliability and quality of production highly important and, therefore, have many certificates as well as specialist trade and national authorizations.
The members of the Cluster also are, among others: Starostwo Powiatowe w Wałczu [District Office in Wałcz], Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa w Wałczu [State Vocational College in Wałcz] and Powiatowy Urząd Pracy [District Employment Agency]. The partners of the Cluster are: Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Zachodniopomorskiego [The Marshal’s Office of West Pomerania Province], Regionalne Centrum Innowacji i Transferu Technologii w Szczecinie [Regional Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer in Szczecin] and Poznański Park Naukowo-Technologiczny [Poznan Science and Technology Park], Metal Cluster Berlin-Brandenburg.
The Coordinator of the Cluster is the company MP Polskie Klastry Sp. z o.o.

• The structure of the METALIKA Cluster, being unique on a national scale, in terms of the resources and abilities of the companies belonging to it, enables the comprehensive implementation of orders placed by the metal industry.
• Thanks to its capability to cooperate within its structure, the Cluster is able to cooperate with the external partners through cluster-sourcing.
• The resources being in possession of the Cluster are characterized by high technological innovation which affects the usefulness of the products and services being offered.
• The companies belonging to the Cluster execute orders made by the following branches: maritime, off-shore, construction, agricultural, automotive (trucks and buses), vehicle diagnostics, wind farms and environmental preservation, cycling, advanced machines and equipment for metal processing.

Cluster Coordinator:
MP Polskie Klastry Sp. z o.o.
Tel.+48 606 280 653 (EN, FR)
+48 603 798 785 (EN)

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